Vision and Values

  • Follower of Jesus
  • Fellowship Together
  • Fishing for the Missing
  • Factory another Small Group
Small Group Guidelines
  1. Stay with the outline, 1 hour:
    • 10 mins Warm up
    • 15 mins Journal
    • 25 mins Discipleship
    • 10 mins Prayer
  2. Put away distractions.
  3. READ what you wrote in your Journal.
  4. Talk about yourself, not someone else.
  5. Validate by listening, when one is talking all are listening.
  6. What is said here, stays here.
  7. We practice powerful prayer requests.
  • No take downs - only give advice when asked for it. Let the Holy Spirit do the work and ask questions.
  • Small Groups are not a Bible study, it is where the Bible Studies you.
  • Never Stop Starting.